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"I had been looking for a spiritual healer for a few years until my sister introduced me to Sheryl. Weary of healers who practice with arrogance or fear-based philosophies, it was refreshing to finally meet and work with Sheryl who has a genuinely kind, unassuming, and grounded approach. Her practical demeanor and natural strength allow her to powerfully delve into matters of the Spirit. Delivering her messages with balance, humor, and compassion, each session with Sheryl has left me with a greater sense of liberation and attunement to self."


"Sheryl is an absolutely amazing healer and psychic. I had taken her card from my massage place a couple of times, but I never reached out. Interestingly enough however, when I did - it was exactly THE right time that I needed to work with her. I was immediately struck by Sheryl’s warm and welcoming presence. She has a genuine caring way of getting to know you and to understand where you are struggling in your life. What she saw and felt during my 3 healing sessions - and how I physically and emotionally felt during each session - was as if deep/hidden negative emotions and energies that had been holding me back were being released. There were visions that she had that made so much sense given my areas of emotional pain. Sheryl claims she is not a fortune teller, but she had a very strong probable/positive feeling about a new job in a new city that I had been hoping would come true. Hours after she sent me the notes from the first session, I got the job offer! Had I not moved to Charleston SC for this dream job in the golf industry, I would be doing more sessions with Sheryl. When I am back in the area I will definitely try to work with her again. Sheryl has a true gift. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking some healing. Isn’t that everyone who experiences this journey of life? Thank you Sheryl!!!"


"I have been to Sheryl on many occasions and have consistently had the most enlightening experiences. She is someone that is very wise, and comfortable to speak to about anything you might like help healing in your life. I continue to refer friends and family (and even my own clients!) to her for her expertise in soul healings. From her I have gained a world of knowledge I would never have even known where to look for, and will continue to come back time and time again. Thank you, Sheryl!"

Emily H 

"Sheryl is absolutely amazing - she is a true find (intuitive, skillful and talented).  I have had over 20 years experience as a client, working with many practitioners (reiki, cranial sacral therapy, energy healing etc.) and feel lucky to have found her.  I've been going to her about twice a month for the past year and she has made a positive difference in my life.  Thank you Sheryl".

Michele D.

"Sheryl is extremely intuitive.  I found her very calm, and she really listens to your needs - whether you are looking to relieve stress or emotional pain, she is the person to see!  I have been recommending her to all my friends and family!"

Juju L.

"I am very lucky to have Sheryl as my healer.  I met Sheryl when I was in physical and emotional pain.  Every session has been a blessing to me.  As a healer Sheryl always intuitively knows what technique/modality to use at that moment (Reiki, Shamanic Healing...).  After each session my pain is gone and I feel relaxed and uplifted.  Thank you Sheryl"

Yelena B.

"I am a nurse who has a chronic back condition.  I had neck surgery and work in the ICE of a local hospital. I have been going to Sheryl for 3 years for various healing such as Cranial-Sacral and have always benefited and found them to be extremely helpful with my pain issues and general well being.  I feel that I am more relaxed.  I think Sheryl is a wonderful healer."                                             

 Debbie C.