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Shamanism is an ancient, universal form of healing, it comes from the Siberian word that means "spiritual healer" or "One that sees in the dark".

Recently, Shamanism has become available to people outside of the traditional communities, people who were not born into a community have been chosen and called to do this work due to the current state of the earth and increased rate of mental illness in the world. A person does not chose to become a Shaman, they are chosen by the Spirits. This is what happened to Sheryl, she does not refer to herself as a Shaman, but instead refers to herself as a Shamanic Practitioner out of respect for the ancient ways passed on through the lineage of birth in traditional communities around the world. Normally it could take more than 15 to 20 years of intense training to become a Shaman - they are the doctor, psychotherapist, spiritual healer and much more for their community.

How Shamanism Works
"In the practice of shamanism, the spiritual aspect of illness is addressed. An illness might manifest on an emotional or physical level. But in working with shamanic healing, the shaman is shown the spiritual aspect of the illness...there are a wide variety of ceremonies that a shaman might perform on behalf of the client. The key to a successful shamanic healing is for the shaman to open up and become a vessel of the unlimited power of the helping spirits." 

Walking In The Light by Sandra Ingerman

"A shaman's responsibility is to guide you on your inner path and support you in recognizing your beauty so that you can love yourself and know who you truly are". Angaangay Angakkorsuag an elder of the Kallaaeg tribe in Greenland

Types of Shamanic Ceremonies Performed:

Sheryl journeys for her clients into the spirit world where she is guided by helping spirits as well as nature spirits. She is shown her client's past, present and future possibilities and performs healings and ceremonies based on what she has been shown. Some ceremonies performed include:

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Power Animal Totem retrieval
  • Spiritual guidance thru pendulum called dowsing or divination
  • Removal of attachments & thought formations
  • Chakra clearing and balancing
  • Cord cutting
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Healing life traumas from this incarnation and past incarnations
  • Life Lesson
  • Information of past incarnations
  • Karmic clearing
  • Retrieving lost power

"Sheryl is an absolutely amazing healer and psychic. I had taken her card from my massage place a couple of times, but I never reached out. Interestingly enough however, when I did - it was exactly THE right time that I needed to work with her. I was immediately struck by Sheryl’s warm and welcoming presence. She has a genuine caring way of getting to know you and to understand where you are struggling in your life. What she saw and felt during my 3 healing sessions - and how I physically and emotionally felt during each session - was as if deep/hidden negative emotions and energies that had been holding me back were being released. There were visions that she had that made so much sense given my areas of emotional pain. Sheryl claims she is not a fortune teller, but she had a very strong probable/positive feeling about a new job in a new city that I had been hoping would come true. Hours after she sent me the notes from the first session, I got the job offer! Had I not moved to Charleston SC for this dream job in the golf industry, I would be doing more sessions with Sheryl. When I am back in the area I will definitely try to work with her again. Sheryl has a true gift. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking some healing. Isn’t that everyone who experiences this journey of life? Thank you Sheryl!!!"