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Pendulum Dowsing                                     

Dowsing with pendulums is simply a method of connecting with The Divine, enabling you to quickly communicate with your Higher Self or Spirit Guides - - ask questions and get answers. The pendulum merely allows you to physically see what the intuition knows. It picks up on subtle vibrations to clear the body and balance the mind, body, and spirit and can also help relieve pain whether emotional or physical. Pendulums can also be used as tools for spiritual healing and inner growth - giving you direct access to your own personal spirit guides.

How Dowsing with a Pendulum works

Basically, a pendulum is an object, such as a crystal, attached to a string or metal chain that picks up on subtle energy vibrations, when asked a question the pendulum will swing back and forth or in a circular motion, giving you a yes or no answer. 
A pendulum is an object, such as a crystal, attached to a string or metal chain that picks up on subtle energy vibration
Pendulums provide

Dowsing is usually associated with water dowsing, but it is also used for:

  • Life guidance in relationships, family issues, career,  

   business, moving    

  • Removal of toxic energies from people, homes,     buildings, properties. 
  • Removal of negative attachments
  • Information on health, nutrition, wellness
  • Chakra balancing
  • Removal of energy blockages 
  • Locating lost objects

Learning to use a Pendulum

Using a pendulums is a fast and easy way to get answers to problems, and one way that you can confidently make decisions based on Divine guidance.

You do not need to have any sort of spiritual experience to learn to use a pendulum, it will work for you regardless, however it is easier to become proficient if you have been working on your spiritual growth or psychic abilities. It is extremely important to learn how to use the pendulum correctly: questions have to be worded exactly and you must dedicate your pendulum to The Divine. Sheryl can help you with this.

"I have been to Sheryl on many occasions and have consistently had the most enlightening experiences. She is someone that is very wise, and comfortable to speak to about anything you might like help healing in your life. I continue to refer friends and family (and even my own clients!) to her for her expertise in soul healings. From her I have gained a world of knowledge I would never have even known where to look for, and will continue to come back time and time again. Thank you, Sheryl!"

Emily H