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Energy Healing

Energy Healing 

Every healing modality is a type of energy healing, this includes Shamanism, Reiki, dowsing, crystals, herbs and music.  Energy healing is an umbrella term for many healing therapies all of which are based on the scientific discoveries of Albert Einstein and Quantum Physics. Einstein is famous for E=mc2 which mathematically describes how matter and energy are interrelated.

How Energy Healing works

We are made up of high-energy patterns of light and energy and as patterns of vibrating energy we can shift our physical and mental realities by shifting our subtle energy patterns.

Illness is an imbalance in your body’s energy field and when you are re-balanced your health can be restored.  Life force energy flows through you and is what causes you to be alive, if it is low you are more likely to get sick or feel stress, if it is high and flowing smoothly, you are more capable of being happy and healthy.

An Energy healer helps you heal by being a clear vessel through which the healing energy flows from the Higher Universal Wisdom to you.