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Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is an ancient, universal form of healing it comes from the Siberian word that means "spiritual healer" or "One that sees in the dark".

Recently, Shamanism has become available to people outside of the traditional communities. These people do not refer to themselves as Shamans, but instead refer to themselves as Shamanic Practitioners or Current Shamans. This is out of respect for the ancient ways - normally it could take 15 to 20 years of intense training to become a Shaman - they are the doctor, psychotherapist, spiritual healer and much more for their community. In recent years Shamanism was opened up for more people to practice, due to the current state of the earth and of the vast mental health illness in the world. It is important to note that a person does not chose to become a Shaman, they are chosen by the Spirits.

The Shaman journeys for their clients into the past, present and/or the future. During these journeys  the Shaman is guided by helping spirits as well as nature spirits. Some ceremonies performed include: Soul Retrievals, Animal Totem retrievals, retrieving lost power. They also help the client heal from traumas that have occurred in their past lives as well as their present life.

"In the practice of shamanism, the spiritual aspect of illness is addressed. An illness might manifest on an emotional or physical level. But in working with shamanic healing, the shaman is shown the spiritual aspect of the illness...there are a wide variety of ceremonies that a shaman might perform on behalf of the client. The key to a successful shamanic healing is for the shaman to open up and become a vessel of the unlimited power of the helping spirits." 

Walking In The Light by Sandra Ingerman