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I am psychic, this means I can see, hear and feel messages from my spirit guides and yours! It may sound scary, but really I'm just communicating with Spirits from 'The Other side'.

During your session you'll tell me what life issues you want guidance on, The information that comes through can be life changing as well as incredible.

For instance: 

You could be wondering why you keep experiencing the same things over and over again - you feel like a magnet attracting the same life situations, types of people etc....I am often told what your life lesson(s) is, what your Spirit Guides are trying to get you to pay attention to, what is the best life path for you to take at this time. 


Maybe you have had chronic pain for years, you've been to tons of Dr's and nothing has helped. I would ask your guides questions like: Is it coming from stuck emotions or from a particular life event? What is your body & Spirit Guide trying to tell you? Is it from this life or a past life? I would then be guided on what kind of healing is best for you...

Learning about the reasons behind physical or emotional pain can really help you on your healing journey, often this knowledge allows you to move forward, let go, forgive - and to finally heal. It can be a powerful and amazing healing tool!

Pendulum Guidance-

I also offer pendulum guidance. It's pretty simple: we just sit down and you ask me a bunch of yes or no questions - I give you important spiritual guidance on your journey through life. Rather than going down the same unhealthy path, over and over again - you can finally get valuable information that truly makes your life run smoother. It can be incredible! You are now working with spirit's guidance & wishes, not against it! 

Pendulum Guidance sessions:

In a short 20 minute session, (or longer if need be), ask questions and receive guidance on:

Relationships (Romantic, Family, Friends)

Health Issues

Career & Business Advice

Real Estate

Life Purpose and Life Lessons

Your own Psychic Experiences


***Just to be clear - I am not a fortune teller! I offer you spiritual guidance so that you can make the best decision for your highest good.