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About Me


I have been through my own difficult and beautiful journey. 

Through my healing process I  have been given the tremendous gift of helping others on their journey of healing.  It has been an incredible blessing.

About You

I am grateful for the opportunity to help you on your own journey of finding inner peace.

Healing is a process, I don't think that anyone is truly 'done' healing, but it sure feels better to have started the journey.  Life problems still exist,  but they don't affect you in the same way.

My journey


For years I enjoyed a career as a floral designer working on TV shows and for an event planner. I 'lost' my career in 2009 after the economy crashed and it was announced that two of the shows I was working on were going off the air. I was devastated and can't deny that this was a tough time...clearly, Spirit had other plans for me and soon guided me towards a different life path...massage school.



A blessing in disguise


This difficult time in my life led to positive changes:


During a class in massage school I was spiritually awakened.  Through that process I became Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient.

Spirit worked with me - healing and guiding me on a deep level - I was shown many of my past lives; giving me a deep understanding of why I have gone through certain life events.  This was wonderful since it allowed me to start the process of understanding, accepting, forgiving and moving towards inner peace.

Spirit also honored me by teaching me a variety of Shamanic, Buddhist and Angelic healing techniques to facilitate the healing of others.  For me there is nothing more beautiful and fulfilling than to help another on their healing path.



The learning continues...

I am still learning and will always learn.  After graduating from massage school I began to take a variety of classes during the day while also continuing to be taught at the spirit level at night.


... and the teaching begins


I taught Energy Palpation and Healing at the school that I attended: Finger Lakes School of Massage in Mt. Kisco, NY. as well as adult continuing education in Chappaqua and Scarsdale.

I am truly grateful for this long, strange trip!